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I registered for an event and made a donation.  What is next?

Answer:  An email with event address will be sent to you Friday morning before the event.  If you don't receive an email check your spam folder and send us a message at


I am a vegetarian or have food allergies.  Can I make a special request?

Answer:  We don't take special requests based on allergies because we strive to provide the an authentic meal of the country that we are featuring.  Please let us know during the event and we'll tell you which dishes to avoid if any.  We do try to provide vegetarian options at every dinner.


How can I learn more about the family?

Answer: We ask each family to talk about their journey during dinner but we leave it up to them what they want to share.  You are welcome to ask questions during dinner and speak to the family directly. 


How can I get more involved?

Answer:  There are many options of getting more involved: volunteer for us as a dishwasher or registration host, mentor refugee family, help set up refugee apartments, volunteer at Refugee Services of Texas 

Please contact us for further

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